Lumineers—Pepper Pike, OH

Beautiful Smiles in Just Two Appointments

Lumineers can help patients change the shape, size, and shade of their teeth in just two appointments, which means they can be used to correct a wide variety of cosmetic flaws all at once, giving patients gorgeous smiles that they love to show off. Often compared to porcelain veneers, Lumineers from our Pepper Pike, OH cosmetic dentist enables patients to drastically improve the appearance of their teeth without actually altering them, making it a more conservative solution that can still deliver truly beautiful results.

What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers fit over the teeth just like masks. They are actually extremely thin ceramic shells that are placed directly on the front of the teeth, and they are made to resemble healthy, white enamel. They are always custom-designed based on a patient’s specifications, and someone can choose to get just one or an entire set to completely transform their smile.

The Benefits of Lumineers

With Lumineers, your cosmetic dentist in Pepper Pike can make all of the following imperfections disappear at the same time:

  • Stains that don’t respond to bleaching
  • Large chips
  • Noticeable cracks
  • Gaps
  • Teeth that are oddly shaped
  • Teeth that are too short
  • Teeth that are slightly misaligned

Lumineers vs. Porcelain Veneers

Lumineers work in a very similar manner to another popular cosmetic treatment: porcelain veneers. Both involve placing coverings over the teeth. However, there is one big difference.

In order for veneers to lay flat and look natural, a very small amount of enamel has to be removed from the teeth. This is a painless process, but once veneers are in place, this essentially makes them permanent.

Lumineers, on the other hand, are so thin that they can go onto the teeth as is with no preparation. This means that a patient gets to keep their natural smile intact, and if they ever want to remove their Lumineers in the future, they can do so quickly and easily.

Should You Get Lumineers or Porcelain Veneers?

This decision really comes down to how comfortable you are with altering your teeth. If you don’t mind getting a potentially permanent treatment, then porcelain veneers are the better choice for you. If you’d rather leave your natural teeth alone while improving your smile, then Lumineers may be the better fit. Our team will go over both options with you in detail so you can make your decision with complete confidence.

The Lumineers Procedure

After you and Dr. Csok have decided that Lumineers are the best way for you to accomplish your smile goals, the first step will be to take an impression of your teeth. This will be sent to a dental lab so your Lumineers can be designed and fabricated. About a week or so later, you’ll return to our dental office to have them placed onto your teeth. After your dentist has a chance to check their fit and your bite, your brand new smile will be ready for the world.

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If you’re ready to have the kind of smile that always lights up the room, Lumineers may be exactly what you need, and you can get them right here at Dental & Cosmetic Solutions. To schedule a consultation and get answers to your questions, contact us today.