Dr. Vladimir Pastouk
3550 Lander Rd #140 Cleveland, Ohio 44124
Phone: 216-292-3600
Dental and Cosmetic Solution
Dental and Cosmetic Solution
Dental and Cosmetic Solution
(216) 292-3600

3550 Lander Road, Suite 140
      Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124

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As our patients say, we don't just make crowns, fill root canals, and restore smiles - we educate, and we listen. Whether it's about dental functionality, aesthetics, or both, we help our patients understand which treatment options are best for them. We pride ourselves on our ability to educate patients about holistic dentistry and the importance of quality of life, from both the dental and whole-life perspectives. Technology plays a significant role in achieving desired results, which is why we offer our patients the latest techniques by using the most advanced digital and healthcare technology, including one of the most exciting enhancements in patient-healing, using the patient's own immune cells. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal dental health and the smile of your dreams.

Dr. Vladimir Pastouk won several awards in the field of implantology and is a distinguished member with the highest honors of several highly acclaimed professional organizations, both nationally and internationally. He teaches dentistry to professionals worldwide, standing as the Director of Education for both the U.S. and Europe at the Pacific Training Institute of Facial Aesthetics, and was named Top Cosmetic and Implant Dentist in Cleveland, Ohio by the Leading Physicians of the World. Dr. Pastouk's exceptional credentials, paired with the extraordinary abilities of his associate, Dr. Maryana Horokhivska, will allow you to experience world-class care, provided conveniently for you at our local Pepper Pike, Cleveland location.



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3550 Lander Road,
Suite 140,Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124

Phone: (216) 292-3600

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