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Botox Facial Rejuvenation

Aging is part of life. But your skin doesn’t need to know that!! We provide the most up-to-date, gentle and effective methods of skin rejuvenation that will make your skin look amazing and feel as young and radiant as you do. Come in and unlock your most beautiful skin today.

2011 – Dr. Pastouk was recognized as one of best trained dentists in Facial Rejuvenation Procedures.

2012 – Completed training in treatment of Muscle tension and Migraines by Botox application. – Dr. Pastouk continuously lectures at local dental schools that graduate dental specialists.

2013 – Dr. Pastouk was invited to become a teaching faculty member at PTIFA (Pacific Training Institute of Facial Aesthetics in Vancouver, Canada.)

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

After many years of laughing, crying, squinting, frowning, sleeping and smoking, the skin on the face, neck and chest will begin to develop expression lines. These lines can make you look older, tired and stressed.

Until recently these lines have been very hard to treat effectively. Botox® Cosmetic can help minimize the motion that is creating these wrinkles, lines and folds while maintaining a natural, more rested and rejuvenated appearance.
Botox Cosmetic can:

  • Reduce creases between the eyes
  • Create a brow lift
  • Diminish crow’s feet
  • Soften lip lines
  • Lift a turned-down smile
  • Elevate a turned-down nose tip
  • Show more teeth, less gums
  • Minimize a tight, pebbly chin
  • Slim the appearance of the face
  • Redefine the jaw
  • Smooth and lift the neck
  • Reduce vertical, horizontal and fan-shaped lines on the chest and cleavage
Restore volume and smooth your skin

Dermal fillers are customized for your skin’s unique needs to restore volume, soften wrinkles and lines, and contour the face and hands.

Dermal fillers can:

  • Plump up deflated lips and soften lip lines
  • Fill and restore under eye hollows
  • Soften the folds that run from the corners of your nose to the corners of your lips
  • Fill the “marionette” folds from the corners of your mouth to your chin
  • Enhance and rebuild volume in the mid-face/li>
  • Build beautiful cheekbones
  • Elevate a sagging jaw
  • Straighten a bumpy nose
  • Add more lift to the eyebrows
  • Plump the backs of the hands
  • Restore earlobes
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3550 Lander Road,
Suite 140,Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124

Phone: (216) 292-3600

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