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Are you a Candidate for Dental Sedation?

Sedation Dentistry – Patient Assessment and Care
Dental phobia is one of the most common problems faced by people in the United States. It is a problem that can keep people away from dental treatment, directly affecting their oral health and hygiene. Researchers in dental medicine developed a solution to this fear of dentistry. It is a process which relieves patients from stress and keeps them relaxed during dental treatment. It is called sedation dentistry. The treatment requires professional training and license. Dentists assess patients and ensure that all supporting equipment are available before performing the treatment.

Patient Assessment

In this phase, dentists ask questions related to medical history, sedation history, current medications and find out if the patient is allergic to any particular medicine. Problems related to respiratory system, breathing blocks and cardiovascular problems if any are noted. There is a list of other problems including but not limited to the ones related to lungs, liver obesity and sleep apnea, which dentists will be keen about.

Patient care during sedation dentistry
There are different types of sedation. Dentists take extreme care when the patient is under moderate to deep sedation. General anesthesia is an even more complex process which requires special assessment and the support of a licensed professional who is particularly trained in the field. With moderate to deep sedation, there is a continuum of levels of consciousness and each patient reacts differently to the same amount of sedative. Dentists take the support of assistants to monitor respiration, blood pressure level and heart beat rate. There is additional respiratory support provided to patients based on the needs. Patients are advised to follow necessary post-operative care to ensure safe and successful sedation process.

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Sedation Dentistry can help you restore your smile!

Oral Sedation – Precautions
Dental phobia is a serious problem that can discourage people from receiving dental treatment. The atmosphere of the practice with the dental chair setup, the sound of the dental instruments in the mouth and the pain caused from dental treatment are often noted as few reasons for the fear. Oral sedation is one of the common methods followed by dentists to counter the fear of patients. This method is recommended for procedures which are time consuming and for patients who express a higher level of anxiety towards particular dental treatment. Like other sedation methods, oral sedative has its set of instructions which should be followed by patient before and after the surgery.

Before Treatment
The dentist may recommend an over-the-counter pill which should be taken the night before or about 1 hour before the treatment. A responsible adult caretaker should escort the patient to the dental office and drive the patient back home after the treatment. Light breakfast with cereals and fruits and non-alcoholic beverages can be consumed before the treatment. The dentist may mention specific diet for special cases.

After Treatment
The next 24 hours after the oral sedation are very crucial for the patient. He/she should not operate machinery or drive automobiles/motorcycles/bikes. The patient should stay away from alcoholic beverages. It is also recommended not to take important decisions or sign legal documents during this period. The patient may follow regular diet unless advised by the dentist. Climbing up/down stairs without the support of a caretaker and taking part in sport activities can be very dangerous to the patient. The dentist may advice patients to drink lot of water to avoid dehydration after the sedation process.

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