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5 Tips for using Invisalign

Invisalign® – How to maintain the aligners?
In the mission to straighten teeth, you came across Invisalign® system, which has impressed you. Now your concern is about how to maintain this invisible way of teeth straightening. Align Technology has designed the aligners to be easy to maintain and easy to use. Wearing the aligners 22 hours of a day is a commitment you have to live with. Taking care of Invisalign® system is absolutely necessary to stay healthy. Here are few key factors about Invisalign® you should know.

Wearing Invisalign®

Ensure that you wash your hand every time before you wear the aligners. The aligners can be safely kept in the case when not in use. The system should be fit over the dentition by pushing them with slight pressure over molar teeth. Although this may seem a little difficult during the first few days of treatment, patients can get used to it overtime.

Cleaning the aligner

The aligners can be cleaned using toothpaste and teeth brush with soft bristles. Both the inside and the outside of the Invisalign® should be cleaned to ensure that there are no stains. There are other special products available on the market to clean the Invisalign® system.

Maintaining oral hygiene

It is important for patients to remove Invisalign® system when eating/drinking anything apart from water. They should brush and floss teeth after every meal and drink. This can ensure that teeth are free from dental infection. If the food residue is left without cleaning, there are higher possibilities of periodontal disease and tooth decay. Invisalign® can be a wonderful teeth straightening appliance. However, it is important for patients to maintain the aligners to ensure that the treatment is effective and the aligners do not intervene in daily activities.

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