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Dental Implants a permanent solution for missing teeth

Dental Implants – Permanent replacement for lost teeth
Ever since the introduction of dental implants more than 4 decades ago, they have been widely acknowledged in the field of dental medicine for their benefits and longevity. As replacement for lost teeth, dental implants have worked wonderfully in many patients. With development in the field of material science, there are some extraordinary designs which have been developed that have higher success rate and improved functionality. What is the life expectancy of dental implants as compared to natural teeth? The pros and cons of dental implants have triggered the start of many research programs which aim to find the problems with dental implants and work on increasing its life span.

Dental implants – Are they permanent?
Although they cannot be compared to natural teeth in all their functions, dental implants still have few crucial benefits as teeth restoration. The chewing efficiency is very high with implants. The process of Osseointegration ensures that the implant is strong and stable within the jawbone. Since the dental implant is made of strong material they can withstand load. The texture of the titanium is designed for better bonding with the bone tissues. The implant does not decay like natural tooth.

The primary concern with implant is the successful completion of the surgery. The dentist will be keen to note down the small amounts of loss around the abutment area of the jawbone which may occur few months or years after the surgery. The dentist guides patients to maintain good oral hygiene. The food residue around abutment can increase the chances of gum diseases. This condition is called peri-implantitis. With maintenance of proper oral hygiene and regular check ups, patients can ensure that the dental implant is in good condition. The dental implant can last for more than 3 decades depending on the oral health of the patient. If bacterial activity is kept under control, the implant can be a lifetime solution for tooth loss.

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