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With recent advancements in dental implant technology, almost anyone can enjoy the physical and emotional health benefits of a beautiful smile. Here, Dr. Vladimir Pastouk, of Dental and Cosmetic Solutions, explains the latest options.

I have tried to keep my original teeth for as long as I can, but now I need options for replacing my broken and missing teeth. What is the best procedure for an immediate restoration?

I am transitioning patients who have missing or broken teeth to immediate restorations that are supported by implants done in one procedure that restore a patient’s ability to eat, smile, and talk. I insert the implants and then attach a temporary restoration to the implants that is not removable by the patient.
In just one day, the patient can walk out of the office with implants and temporary teeth affixed to these implants. After a few months, they are replaced with permanent teeth once the implant adheres to the bone and the soft tissue heals.

Dental Implants Cleveland

Dental Implants

What technology do you use for this procedure that differentiates you from other dentists?

Our digital technology allows us to be very precise when doing an immediate implant-supported tooth procedure. We use a CT scan to get an image of the patient’s mouth and then translate that using a sophisticated dental software to plan and develop a surgical guide. This assists me in placing the implants so the teeth made in the lab will precisely fit over the implants.

Every dental implant restoration involves a three-pronged step: preparation, the surgical procedure, and the restoration. While the treatment begins with a consultation and preparation, it is nice that the actual surgical procedure only takes one day so the patient can walk out the door with a beautiful smile.
I just returned last month from a trip to Europe where I met with world leaders of surgical digital technology. They are developing more sophisticated technology that can better adapt to the challenges of human physiology, which will allow me to offer my patients more options for dental implants and restorations.

Dr. Vladimir Pastouk is the founder of Dental & Cosmetic Solutions, located at 3550 Lander Road, Suite 140, in Pepper Pike (in the Howard Hanna building). He teaches implantology as well as other dental topics to professionals worldwide and is a director of education for USA and Europe at the Pacific Training Institute of Facial Aesthetics, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

Dr. Pastouk has won several awards in the field of implantology and is a distinguished member of several highly acclaimed professional organizations, both nationally and internationally, such as the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), the American Academy of Implant Dentistry(AAID), and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) to name a few. Email your questions to or contact Dr. Pastouk directly at 216-292-3600. The web address is

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