9 Critical Secrets

9secrtsHow You Can Turn Back the Hands of Time, Smile Confidently and Chew Comfortably While Eating the Foods You Love

Medical Miracle Gives Denture Wearers the Confidence & Chewing Force of 90% of What You had when YOU were a Young Adult

Dear Friend,
Who said you can’t turn back the clock?  
Obviously, whoever it was didn’t know about innovative dental options to fix loose-fitting dentures or replace missing teeth.
Breakthrough technology, with the help of dental implants, exists to give you back what you lost.

No More Worries About:
• Dentures coming loose as you laugh, cough or sneeze.
• A thick layer of nasty tasting denture adhesive interfering with your enjoyment of food.
• Wrinkles from loss of bone and tissue to support the delicate muscles of your face.
• Watching what you order at restaurants for fear that you won’t be able to chew it in front of your friends and loved ones.
• Sores from loose-fitting dentures rubbing your gums.
We know that may sound a little like hype, but it’s not. The reason being is that most people, perhaps yourself, who experience these problems or desires, never realized that the solutions were available and can happen faster than they ever imagined.

Before we tell you about the breakthroughs that our patients have experienced, let us see if you would be a candidate for the same type of results:
tick Are you a fearful dental patient or have you had a bad dental experience in your past and decided to put off needed dental care?
tick Do you look in the mirror and see a smile that embarrasses you?
tick Have you had bad or painful dental experiences in the past?
tick Do you have MISSING teeth, FAILING teeth or do you have ill-fitting dentures that just don’t work?
tick Are you tired of social embarrassment, not getting noticed by that special someone or looking older than you are?
tick Do you seriously desire to CHEW COMFORTABLY and knock 10 years off your appearance? (Hint: Many of our patients claim that most people rave about how they look like they’ve “lost weight, gotten haircut and look 10 years younger” as a bonus from their new smile)
tick Do you secretly desire to have a bright, white, healthy smile, preserve your existing teeth and live a longer, healthier, happier life?
tick Are your existing dental problems most likely due to putting off dental care because of fear, anxiety or a busy schedule?
tick Are you sick and tired of ill-fitting dentures, missing or worn out teeth?

If you’ve answered “YES” to any one of these questions then this report may just be the most important and emotionally life changing one you’ve ever read.

Here’s why: There is a solution; and this solution can literally give you teeth that are 90% the strength of your original teeth, have you smiling with confidence once again, stabilize any dentures that you may have or completely eliminate the need for dentures

Hopefully, by now, you can see the power of having Dental Implants.


1. You Will Look 10 Years Younger- Dental Implants assist you in looking and feeling younger because they prevent bone loss. By preventing bone loss that would normally occur with the loss of teeth, your facial structures remain normal and intact. The chances of wrinkling and the look of old age before your time is less likely. Implants prevent the bone loss that would normally occur with the loss of teeth.

In other words, everyday that you continue to wear dentures, or have missing teeth, you are experiencing bone loss, which makes you look much older than you have to. By using dental implants your facial structure and jaw remains strong, healthy and intact.
This is especially important when all of the teeth are missing because the lower onethird begins to collapse if implants are not placed to preserve the bone.

2. Overall quality of life is enhanced with replacement teeth that look, feel and function more like natural teeth. You will look younger and more attractive which allows you to be even more confident and enjoy smiling, laughing and talking with others.

3. You can now live longer because you’ll get to eat better and prevent malnutrition or stomach problems! Fresh vegetables, corn and fruits are back on the menu! You can now eat the foods you like. Also, since your chewing is improved, your digestion will be even better as well!

4. More Confidence in social situations. Most of our patients love their new implants because of their improved appearance, function, comfort and health. When you go out in public, you will never have to cover your mouth with your hand or put off eating out of fear of a denture popping out or gagging you. Also, the improved appearance of your new smile will have people giving you compliments galore.

5. Allows you to relax and not have to worry about your dentures moving around, popping out or gagging you. Eliminate Denture Adhesives FOREVER! Since implant supported teeth are securely attached to the implants, there is no need for messy denture adhesives. You’ll never worry about your dentures flying out when you laugh, sneeze, cough or when you eat. Implants are so securely attached that the fear of them falling out will be eliminated! They will feel like they are your natural teeth.

man6. Your mouth will be restored as closely as possible to its natural state. By replacing the entire tooth, as well as the tooth root, it is possible to replicate the function of natural teeth with a strong, stable foundation that allows comfortable biting and chewing. Also, nothing in the mouth looks or feels false or artificial!

7. Increases the amount of enjoyment you get out of eating. You will be able to taste foods more fully.
Wearing an upper denture can prevent someone from really tasting food, as the roof of the mouth is covered. With implant supported replacement teeth, it is not necessary to cover the roof of the mouth, so you can truly enjoy the taste of foods.

8. Improves overall oral health and decrease the risk of oral cancer and heart disease. It is much easier to care for implants of any kind versus dentures. Your chances of bacteria build up and gum disease decreases when you have implants.

9. Your other teeth will not be affected because of missing teeth. Since replacing missing teeth with implant supported crowns and bridges does not involve the adjacent natural teeth, they are not compromised or damaged.

For example, when you wear a partial denture, you have clasps that hook onto adjacent teeth, which puts pressure on them that causes them to loosen and come out. Bridges require grinding down of the adjacent teeth so that the bridge can be cemented on them. This tooth structure can never be replaced and the long-term health of these teeth is compromised.

As you can see, we are a huge fan of dental implants. We love seeing our patient’s lives change as a result of them. Our guess is that if you have read this far you are seriously interested in possibly choosing Dental Implants as a viable option to your situation.

The “Miraculous” Solution That Many
Seniors and Baby Boomers
Have Zero Clue About
That Solution is the invention of the Dental Implant!

Now, before you dismiss Dental Implants as a viable option, we’d like to ask you to set aside any pre-conceived notions or beliefs about dental implants that you might have until we fully explain:
a. What Dental Implants Are …and
b. 9 Critical Reasons Of How They Can Benefit Your Life and Why People Choose Implants Over Other Options!
c. Answer the most common questions people have about getting them.
Such questions like, “How long does it take?” And “Are Dental Implants painful?”
d. How You Can Afford Them! While Dental Implants are not cheap . ..we have different financing and pricing options that make them more affordable than ever!

Let’s answer the first question:

“What are Dental Implants… and
How Do They Work?”
DI1Today implants are a common procedure. Implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth, to support non-removable permanent bridges for multiple teeth or to better support a full or partial denture with clasps or retention bars. Because they also help maintain bone, they can help prevent additional tooth loss and a sunken facial appearance. Three separate pieces are involved: the implant (which fuses to your bone), an abutment that screws on the implant and a crown that is cemented or screwed on the abutment.

DI2Once the implant, usually made from titanium, is surgically placed in the bone, it takes four to six months for it to become integrated into the jaw. A life-like ceramic porcelain tooth restoration is then matched to the original tooth color and attached to the implant abutment. These feel more natural than conventional replacement bridges or dentures.

To be a candidate for implants, you must be healthy and have healthy gums and enough bone to support the implants. If you do not have adequate bone, then there are more options, which can be discussed at a consultation.

Types of Dental Implants
DI3Implants usually involve one or more surgeries over a few months. Although it may take up to six months for the bone to grow around the implant and firmly hold it in place, “immediate load” implants have recently become popular.

Immediate load implants are just that. If you have excellent bone quality, there is sometimes enough support for the implant to bear the weight of light chewing and a tooth replacement right away.

This is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. There is nothing more exciting to us than when a patient, who has been wearing dentures for many years, can come into our office and after one long appointment walk out with implanted permanent teeth!

How Implants gave a “frustrated” Housewife back her smile
Maria was a middle-aged housewife who saw her smile deteriorate over the years through neglect and bad genes.

She started getting cavities and experienced bone loss. So many of her upper teeth were extracted because of decay and bone loss that she ended up needing to wear a full upper denture, which she hated.

Maria said it made her feel old like her grandmother. She also complained that it gave her a “caved in” look when she took the denture out. But her biggest complaint was that because she had a strong gag reflex, she was actually gagging on it a lot of the time.

There wasn’t enough bone to replace all her upper teeth with implants, so we placed as many implants as possible and made a solid bar that clipped into a thin, sleek and incredibly stable denture. This clip-on denture gave her the benefit of the full set of teeth, just like a regular full upper denture. However, the clip-on denture was much more secure and did not cover her entire palate like a regular denture.

Often, as people age, the bone underneath the missing teeth melts away, making implant placement impossible without invasive bone augmentation. So if you are considering implants, time is of the essence.

Maria was glad she did it. Not only does she love her new smile, she’s not gagging anymore and she’s able to eat whatever she wants again. And she looks ten years younger.
We are sure you have questions or concerns. We’ve enclosed a “Commonly Asked Questions Insert” with this guide but we’ll answer the most common questions right here.

The 3 Most Common Questions we Get From Patients Considering Dental Implants

Q: How Painful Is Getting Dental Implants?
A: Most of our patients report that they feel very little, if any, pain during the procedure. In fact, many patients do not have to use any pain pills. Your decision to use implants will help you to avoid much pain and discomfort in the long term.

Besides, given the overall health care benefits, you should not deny yourself proper treatment out of fear of pain. As with any medical or dental procedure, your attending doctor, the dentist, is equipped to provide you with appropriate treatment, including any pain medicines you need.

Also, if you’re especially fearful, phobic or pain sensitive you have the option of doing the procedures with sedation dentistry.
How this works: You take a small pill before you come into the office and you rest peacefully as we do our work. With this option you barely remember the procedure the next day but get a ton of dental work done in just 1 visit.

Finally, to make sure you are comfortable when you leave our office, you’ll get a prescription for pain if necessary . Plus we will call to make sure that you are not in any abnormal amounts of discomfort. Our goal is to give you stronger, more comfortable teeth without experiencing pain or discomfort!

Q: Do You Offer Any Guarantee?
A: Yes. Even though dental implants have over a 95% success rate, there is still a very small chance that they won’t completely bond. When this occurs, new implants are placed and the success rates for the replacement implants are even higher.

When we replace the implants, we keep working for FREE until we get it right. The only thing you need to do is make sure you come in for your regular scheduled visits so that we can keep your gums and teeth healthy, which will prevent most possible problems.

Q: What is the Cost of Implant Treatment?
A: Many people call and ask us, “How much is one implant going to cost?” While I wish it was that simple, the only way to determine actual cost is by coming in for a consultation and examination to find out if you have bone loss and if you’ll need one, two or more implants.

Obviously, costs vary greatly depending on your needs and desires. We have a couple who chose implants instead of a cruise as an anniversary present to each other.

So yes, you will need to look at implants as an investment because it really is a significant decision. It is just that: an investment. A cruise or any other trip ends after 5-7days, implants stay with you for life. Or you can purchase more “stuff” for the house; however, is that really as important as the very best appearance possible and the best possible health?

A healthy mouth or magnificent, dazzling smile pays dividends in many ways for your entire life. Anyway, Dental Implants are admittedly not the least expensive option. If your primary concern is the lowest possible investment, then dental implants may not be for you.

On the other hand, if you are willing to make a reasonable investment the best possible outcome, the least pain and discomfort, the most gentle care and highest degree of expertise and professionalism are very important to you, then implants are for you.

Incidentally, a variety of payments plans are available. Of course, all major credit cards are accepted so you can get your airline miles or reward points. Some patients report that they received 5 days in a top resort with the reward points on their credit card. Expert assistance in obtaining reimbursements from your insurance will be provided free of charge.

What to Do Now!
As we’ve discussed, Dental Implants are the fastest way to replace up to 90% of your chewing force. It is the ideal way to get back what has been stolen from you… the magnificent, youthful smile you deserve.

If you’d like to find out if you are a candidate and qualify as a patient for Dental Implants, then just give us a call at 216-292-3600. We offer a FREE Dental Implant Evaluation so that patients, like you, can have a no-risk opportunity to have all their questions answered and see if they are a candidate.

We will have you come in for a brief (half hour or so) time to get some x-rays, look at your gums and most importantly find out what it is YOU WANT.

Simply put, you get to tell us what you want! And we will tell you what options there are and be 100% of service to you. And that’s it. If, at the end of the consultation, you do not feel like we can help you or that dental implants are not a “fit” for you, then we completely respect your decision.

There is NO PRESSURE from us at all. We are simply here to help you find out what you want to do.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions or have you come in and give you a FREE Dental Implant & Healthy Smile Consultation without obligation of any kind. To schedule a time to come in, call us at 216-292-3600. P.S. Time is Running Out! THE FREE Dental Implant & Healthy Smile Consultation OFFER IS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY so call immediately to reserve your spot, 216-292-3600.

Dr. Vladimir Pastouk & Team

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