9 Critical Secrets

How You Can Turn Back the Hands of Time, Smile Confidently and Chew Comfortably While Eating the Foods You Love

Medical Miracle Gives Denture Wearers the Confidence & Chewing Force of 90% of What You had when YOU were a Young Adult

Dear Friend,
Who said you can’t turn back the clock?...Read More »

You Deserve to Lose Your 11’s

I think for many men and women, the subject of having a youthful look is always exciting. With so many treatments and procedures available these days that can help, it’s not always easy to follow and learn on your own. Here are a few common questions I’m asked about...Read More »

Headache Again?

Headache again? – Know your headaches and how to get rid of them!

Information available on the worldwide web indicates that headaches are a leading complaint in outpatient medical care facilities in the US and one of the main reasons for missing work or school. 28 million Americans suffer from...Read More »

Periodontal Health for Expecting Moms

Extra care for your gums before and during pregnancy increases the chances of delivering a full-term baby, says Dr. Vladimir Pastouk, of Dental and Cosmetic Solutions.

My daughter is expecting her first child in the fall. Is dental care during pregnancy safe, and will it increase her chances of delivering a...Read More »

Healing Headaches in the Dental Chair

Used in tandem, dental implants and Botox can reduce or eliminate migraines, says Dr. Vladimir Pastouk, of Dental and Cosmetic Solutions.

Chronic headaches are interfering with my daily activities. My friend suggested I visit the dentist, but what good will that do?

You should heed your...Read More »

New Solution Cures Snoring – And Lets EVERYONE Sleep At Night

I am a man. A man desperately trying to deny the fact I have a snoring problem and a man that knows deep down that his wife is miserable when he snores, and a man that is in denial that his health may be at serious risk due to this...Read More »

Dental Health for Diabetics

Diabetics must be diligent about dental care. Here, Dr. Vladimir Pastouk, of Dental & Cosmetic Solutions, reveals critical reasons why.

If I have diabetes, am I candidate for dental implants or other oral surgical procedures?

Yes. Diabetes should not prevent you from receiving the benefits of modern dentistry....Read More »

Dental Implants - FAQ

With recent advancements in dental implant technology, almost anyone can enjoy the physical and emotional health benefits of a beautiful smile. Here, Dr. Vladimir Pastouk, of Dental and Cosmetic Solutions, explains the latest options.

I have tried to keep my original teeth for as long as...Read More »

How to advoid Dental Implants - FAQs

Dental implants need not be your destiny. Dr. Vladimir Pastouk, of Dental and Cosmetic Solutions, reveals proven strategies for preserving your pearly whites.

It seems like many older people I know have lost some or all of their teeth. What can I do to prevent this and avoid...Read More »

Keys to your Dental Health

What would happen if the fire chief of a city reported that in the 23 years he had been in the position, more houses had burned down each year than the year before? I would think that city would be looking for a new fire chief. Now what if I...Read More »

White teeth equals a youthful smile

Brighten Teeth to Look Young
Looking young stands as the single most important goal to many people who seek cosmetic treatments. The smile, being the most valuable ornament of every individual, gains importance when a person wishes to get a cosmetic treatment. Considering the results from researches and surveys, one...Read More »

Are you a Candidate for Dental Sedation?

Sedation Dentistry – Patient Assessment and Care
Dental phobia is one of the most common problems faced by people in the United States. It is a problem that can keep people away from dental treatment, directly affecting their oral health and hygiene. Researchers in dental medicine developed a solution to...Read More »

5 Tips for using Invisalign

Invisalign® – How to maintain the aligners?
In the mission to straighten teeth, you came across Invisalign® system, which has impressed you. Now your concern is about how to maintain this invisible way of teeth straightening. Align Technology has designed the aligners to be easy to maintain and easy to...Read More »

Sedation Dentistry can help you restore your smile!

Oral Sedation – Precautions
Dental phobia is a serious problem that can discourage people from receiving dental treatment. The atmosphere of the practice with the dental chair setup, the sound of the dental instruments in the mouth and the pain caused from dental treatment are often noted as few reasons...Read More »

Dental Implants a permanent solution for missing teeth

Dental Implants – Permanent replacement for lost teeth
Ever since the introduction of dental implants more than 4 decades ago, they have been widely acknowledged in the field of dental medicine for their benefits and longevity. As replacement for lost teeth, dental implants have worked wonderfully in many patients. With...Read More »

Missing Teeth Can be Replaced in a Variety of Ways

Teeth loss can occur due to several reasons including trauma, periodontal infection and decay. Missing teeth can affect a person’s ability to bite and chew food. The jawbone starts to shrink, speech problems may arise and the oral health worsens over a period of time. There are many varieties of...Read More »

Dental Implant - Long Term Success

Dental implants are known to be one of the most successful teeth restorations in the field of prosthodontics. The restoration is mostly opted by patients and dentists for its long-life and functional benefits. With all its characteristics and benefits, it can arguably be one of the best replacements for...Read More »